Photography and Your Lightroom Wedding Presets •

  • A collection of photography presets specifically for wedding photos
  • Photo-editing tool with a video tutorial
  • Easy to comprehend editing tools for your pictures from Lightroom

After you have said your “I do”, and that you’re on the last leg of your honeymoon, you might be thinking, “what should I do with all the shots I have made with my camera?” Then you need not worry at all because Lightroom will take care of it.


Lightroom is your photo-enhancing app that can make instant and intricate enhancements for your photos. As far as wedding photos are concerned, its Lightroom wedding photography presets cover all of it, from its long list of presets to choose and its diversified effects that you can incorporate in your photo.

These Lightroom wedding photography presets come with cool features that can only make wonders with your photos.

  • Transforming Effect – This is by far the best that these Lightroom wedding photography presets can do your wedding photo images, where it can transform an ordinary photo into a picture that everyone will follow. A colorful pic transforming into a vintage one with some character makes photo editing more interesting to say the least.
  • Easy Does It – Photo editing is no longer a tall order to follow. With the arrival of Lightroom, even neophytes can now produce photos that are of good quality, not to mention enhancing photos that are worthy of publication. Wedding photos used to be so hard to edit, not with these Lightroom wedding photography presets.
  • Guidance for a Good Pic – These wedding presets do have a tutorial video. You need not worry anymore how to deal with its tools because there’s a corresponding tutorial as soon as you download this app, making sure that your wedding pics will look good from now on.

Scour for these Lightroom wedding photography presets now and make your wedding pics a notch higher than all the rest. Your decision to use Lightroom as your photo-enhancing tool for your wedding pics is as important as your decision to say, “I do”.


Keeping it Easy with Landscapes

  • Easy editing with Photoshop actions
  • User-friendly tools that create real life landscapes
  • Cool, colorful outdoor photos using Photoshop actions

Admit it or not, sometimes editing your landscape photos is quite daunting. Not only you are faced with the dilemma of putting the right amount of light on your sunset, but also in managing the rest of the background in order not to steal attention to the sunset itself.

wYour dilemma, however, now has a solution. Many professional photographers use Photoshop actions when they are faced with the problems of managing the amount of light in their photos. They these Photoshop actions as a way of dealing with the intricacies of lighting without actually going thorough about it. Simply put, landscape made easy with actions can only come with Photoshop.

Why is that so? How come Photoshop has your landscape made easy with actions that are, in the first place, free online? That’s too good to be true.

User-friendly Tools

Photoshop actions are designed for mass use. This is by far the best thing about Photoshop actions. It has leveled the playing field as far as photo editing is concerned by providing ordinary photo enthusiasts a chance to edit their photos without the aid of a photographer. Landscape made easy with actions and that everyone is given a change to become a photographer with its easy tools.

Cool, Colorful Transformation

Since you have this user friendly tool with you, Photoshop then allows you to create and recreate cool, colorful transformations of your photos. Experiment with its color, saturation, luminosity, texture, and even the lighting effect of your Photoshop action, and you will have the landscape photo you’ve always imagined. Landscape made easy with actions that only Photoshop can actually deliver.

Keeping it Real

These Photoshop actions also bring with it that 3D effect that you would not find with other photo enhancing tools. Create scenes that are “too good to be true” with Photoshop actions. It is as if you’re not only a viewer or spectator of that photo, but that you’re a part of the scene. Interactive images inside a photograph. That’s making it real, to say the least.

Landscape made easy with actions through Photoshop has its advantages over other apps. So what are you waiting for? Download these actions now on your PC and Mac, and make your landscape photos stand out from all the rest.


Exporting Images through Lightroom, A Short Tutorial  

LR21Editing or enhancing your photo through Lightroom is an enriching experience. With a variety of tools you can choose from, your photos will never be the same again. For the better, of course. Aside from its enhancing capacity, moreover, you can also export your images through Lightroom Export Preset. If in case you want to use these images for a slideshow, then this is the preset for you.

This short tutorial will show you how to export these images for printing as well as creating Print-Sized Image Export Preset (for Lightroom 4).

Preparing to Export

As a start, you need to get to the export dialogue then locate the Grid View (press “G”). Afterwards, select an image or a group of it that you would like to export, right-click on the photo you selected and choose “Export” from its drop-down menu.  Select again “Export” as shown below.

The Export Dialogue Box will then appear after clicking “Export”.  Locate “Hard Drive” from the “Export to” drop-down menu at the top of the Export Dialogue Box. It is advisable though that you export it to your hard drive as default for your export presets. Otherwise, you can choose a different location for your images, depending on your workflow.

Export Location

For your export location, you need to dial in the settings for your Print-Sized Image Export Preset where your images will be exported.

For “Export To”, you need to select “Specific Folder” (from the drop down menu), click on the “Choose” button for your folder, then check the box next to “Put in Subfolder”. Type in “01_PrintSized” and select “Ask what to do” for your “Existing Files”.

File Naming 

If you have already renamed your photos in the How to Rename and Create Filename Presets Article, you don’t have to do some renaming again. With Lightroom, File Naming is already relegated to its default settings for Print-Sized Image Export Preset.

File Settings

For File Settings, select “JPEG” for “Image Format” and that “Quality” should be set to 100. For “Color Space,” go for “sRGB”. ProPhoto RGB, however, is the default Lightroom “Color Space”, this is a suitable choice if you are printing from a lab with ProPhoto RGB specifications. These images will convert back to sRGB if your lab doesn’t print ProPhoto RGB.

Image Sizing

You can also do chances with its size. It would be best if you know the resolution of the printer since they vary when it comes to resolution. For example, if you set the resolution of your image to 150 pixels per inch on a printer with high resolution, you will have a pixelated image in return. Always remember that printers are designed for gallery display with the printing capacity of up to 450px.

Other features of Lightroom Export Preset include:

Output Sharpening – The sharpening of such image is done within the develop process, where a small amount of sharpening is required based on the print medium.

Metadata – Metadata information is limited to Copyright & Contact Info Only. Providing images to your clients is one way of gaining trust and increases credibility.

Post-Processing and Saving the Print-Sized Image Export Preset – To complete the process Lightroom has introduced post-processing measure and the saving of such documents, making sure that the work is well accounted for and place it in a Lightroom folder.

This short tutorial is Lightroom’s way of saving you time for you image exporting concerns.


What to Expect in the Latest Adobe Lightroom Upgrade?

If you’re into photography, you’ll know that there is a lot to expect and wait for. New camera models are being released every now and then, firmware and software updates, and more.

LR 15And since you’re reading this article, I assume that you’re using Adobe Lightroom software for your images. In this article, we will discuss about what to expect in the latest Adobe Lightroom 6 upgrade. Now is the best time to upgrade your Lightroom software if you still haven’t used the latest version.

Personally, I am impressed and satisfied with the changes made since Adobe has preserved the general Lightroom interface. And with great respect to the developer, I salute them for retaining the same features, look and style of the entire program.

So, if you’re still fond of using Lightroom 4 in making the best lightroom presets for portraits, we will give you some of the good reasons why you need to update your Lightroom from Adobe Lightroom 4 to the latest version.

Smart Previews

This new feature in Lightroom 6 enables you to make more virtual copies which can be used in offline editing tasks. This feature is actually good since it allows you to save original file images and best lightroom presets for portraits  on other storage devices and still be stored in Lightroom’s library module.

Radial Filter

This one is probably one of the most useful and the most awaited upgrades since Lightroom 5. This filter allows you to dodge, burn, mask, adjust colors and other basic adjustments within the advanced adjustment brush tool option.

More Presets

The heart and soul of Adobe Lightroom are called presets.  It is the most useful tool that most photographers use for their images. So, if you’re not satisfied with the default presets in Lighroom 5, expect more high-quality and best lightroom presets for portraits in Lightroom 6.


Who Can Use Adobe Photoshop Actions?

Essentially, anyone who owns a licensed copy of Adobe Photoshop can use and enjoy the program. However, there are several people who use Photoshop actions frequently. These are:

  • Creative and artistic individuals
  • Novice and professional photographers
  • Graphic and web designers
  • Stylist
  • Architects
  • Social Media Enthusiasts

dddHowever, Photoshop actions are being judged or misunderstood by others since some features of the program are similar to other well known platforms. It also contains free plug-in, filters, and other downloadable stuffs.

Of course, filters and plug-in works well with Photoshop, however, the program still contains unique and one of a kind features that has the ability to produce high-quality and amazing image results.

I guess, one of the nicest and greatest things about the program is that it can provide assistance to photographers that will speed up the process. With Photoshop actions, photographers were given a lot of extra time to live their own life aside from taking and modifying images.

By now, after reading this article, you probably think about Photoshop action as the best post processing tool. Yes, indeed, they are really the most effective tool that has the best photoshop actions to help you achieve a greater look for your images.



Comprehensive Review on Adobe Lightroom 6

Generally, photographers will clear all their scheduled appointments for these three reasons: New Camera Product announcements, Apple IOS and MAC news, Immediate client meetings and Adobe system product launch. So just recently, photographers weren’t able to perform their duty since Adobe announced their latest Lightroom version called Adobe Lightroom 6 and CC. This version is considered to be more efficient, faster and reliable than the previous versions.

LR6Adobe Lightroom 6 has finally covered a support for GPU setup like graphic and video cards, to provide faster speed performance within the environment of Lightroom. Although there are still minor issues to fix on, but nevertheless, Adobe will continue to improve Lightroom to make their subscribers and customers happy.

Adobe decided to make a move and release a new version since Lightroom 5 was starting to deteriorate in terms of speed and performance. In fact, some loyal subscribers were starting to switch editing software as they were not happy with Lightroom 5 anymore. But adobe makes sure that this latest version of Lightroom will certainly not be a burden to its users, instead, it will make their life easier and hassle free.  A lot of editing tools were upgraded and more lightroom 5 presets was enhanced.

This new speedy photo editing tool has helped a lot of subscribers finish their editing tasks on time. Moreover, photographers prefer subscribing to Adobe’s creative cloud system since they want to get a free updated version when Lightroom 7 will be out in the market. Just when they thought that Lightroom 5 is about to go down, Adobe surprised them with an improved, well-managed interface and exciting additional features. Adobe is indeed a company that is full of surprises.

Overall, Lightroom 6 and CC are just one of the many versions we will look up to. The company will continue to make more wonderful versions to make your editing workload easy and stress free.


Useful Adobe Lightroom Tips for Beginners

aug5For most professional photographers, Adobe Lightroom has become their favorite post processing software. The program was initially designed to assist and guide photographers with their editing tasks. Moreover, Adobe Lightroom has become one of the most useful tools for both organizing and modifying images. There’s no doubt that it was considered as the powerful application in the market.  In this article, we will talk about some of the most useful Lightroom tips.

Use Keyword Phrases

Keywording method is one of Adobe Lightroom’s exciting features as it will make organizing and searching easy. Using appropriate keywords will help you manage and locate your files as well.

Make Your Own Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom allows users to create their own Lightroom presets. They have included default presets to guide beginners in making their own presets such as lightroom presets for portrait. These presets can be applied to one or more images at once.

Using Smart Collections in Lightroom

Smart collections in Lightroom provide a very convenient way for the program to collect similar images. In addition, you can make a smart collection folder for your edited files.

Back-up Files When Importing Images

Adobe Lightroom provides an option to spontaneously import images into a back-up storage to avoid image problems. The program is a non-destructive tool which preserves the original file set-up of the image.


Although Lightroom can be the most powerful post processing tool, you should also bear in mind that the program has its own drawbacks. So, in order to avoid problems, be careful with anything you do within the interface. Be very extra careful in adding a location to your image catalog.

Essentially, Lightroom’s catalog is the heart and soul of the software. According to professional photographers, it is better to create your own catalog and save it to another storage.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom was designed and developed to assist professional photographers who regularly imports and modify thousands of images. However, some users mistakenly think that the program will replace Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom contains unique features and services that will make every photographers editing process easy and convenient. Unlike in Photoshop where it requires so much time and effort to finish one editing task.

LR47Basically, the idea of developing Lightroom is that Adobe wants to provide great assistance to those professional photographers who deals with countless numbers of images. One of the greatest asset of the program is the ability to create customized Lightroom presets or stylized images with effects that can be applied to one or more images in just a few clicks. Moreover, Adobe Lightroom users can copy and paste files easily.

Adobe Lightroom doesn’t restrict users in using Adobe Photoshop, in fact, the company’s creative cloud system offers plans for both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Below are the detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom.


  • Easy-to-use editing tools
  • Can add keyword and tag people for image organizing.
  • Enhancement tools are specifically designed for all types of photographers.
  • Non destructive editing tool.
  • Can apply Adobe Lightroom presets to one or more images at once.
  • Can download best lightroom presets bundles at infoparrot to help speed up the editing tasks.
  • Supports third party plugins


  • Adobe Lightroom only use its standard internal color space for image editing. Other color spaces can be chosen for exporting and printing.
  • Users need to import images to Lightroom catalog before they can edit images
  • Unable to release new editing features to Lightoom 6
  • Still need some program clean up
  • The program is for single use only, doesn’t allow multiple user environment like other well-known image editing tools.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:


Learning How to Use Natural Light in Photography

pic6Photography is all about using the appropriate light for your subject. Your digital camera cannot take images unless there is a great source of light to view and focus the scene, environment and the subject. The fact that most photographers believed into is that natural light or sunlight is very important when taking pictures. Artificial light such as flash devices and candlelight are for additional accessories only.

When we talk about natural light in photography, it is the main key and the foundation of achieving a bright and clear action cam reviews image. However, some people don’t understand it as they still continue to take pictures even without good source of light. In this article, we will help you understand and learn how to use natural light when taking pictures.

Summer is the only season where photographers get to enjoy natural light. For them it is a big deal to shoot in a sunny weather. The first thing that you should remember is to consider using natural light in pictorials to help you produce a better and even perfect image.  Like what we discussed earlier, it is better to shot pictures during sunny weather and enjoy the great scenery.

However, it is also best to check if the light from the sun is enough. Avoid shooting when there is too much light as it will have a great effect on your images. Instead, choose a place wherein there is a balance between light and dim.

Essentially, the sunlight or natural light in photography has a great impact on the product of your image. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can use post processing tools or software like Adobe Lightroom to help you modify images easily. The online market offers the best lightroom presets in 2015-2016.