Advantages and Disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom was designed and developed to assist professional photographers who regularly imports and modify thousands of images. However, some users mistakenly think that the program will replace Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom contains unique features and services that will make every photographers editing process easy and convenient. Unlike in Photoshop where it requires so much time and effort to finish one editing task.

LR47Basically, the idea of developing Lightroom is that Adobe wants to provide great assistance to those professional photographers who deals with countless numbers of images. One of the greatest asset of the program is the ability to create customized Lightroom presets or stylized images with effects that can be applied to one or more images in just a few clicks. Moreover, Adobe Lightroom users can copy and paste files easily.

Adobe Lightroom doesn’t restrict users in using Adobe Photoshop, in fact, the company’s creative cloud system offers plans for both Lightroom and Photoshop.

Below are the detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages of Adobe Lightroom.


  • Easy-to-use editing tools
  • Can add keyword and tag people for image organizing.
  • Enhancement tools are specifically designed for all types of photographers.
  • Non destructive editing tool.
  • Can apply Adobe Lightroom presets to one or more images at once.
  • Can download best lightroom presets bundles at infoparrot to help speed up the editing tasks.
  • Supports third party plugins


  • Adobe Lightroom only use its standard internal color space for image editing. Other color spaces can be chosen for exporting and printing.
  • Users need to import images to Lightroom catalog before they can edit images
  • Unable to release new editing features to Lightoom 6
  • Still need some program clean up
  • The program is for single use only, doesn’t allow multiple user environment like other well-known image editing tools.

Learning How to Use Natural Light in Photography

pic6Photography is all about using the appropriate light for your subject. Your digital camera cannot take images unless there is a great source of light to view and focus the scene, environment and the subject. The fact that most photographers believed into is that natural light or sunlight is very important when taking pictures. Artificial light such as flash devices and candlelight are for additional accessories only.

When we talk about natural light in photography, it is the main key and the foundation of achieving a bright and clear image. However, some people don’t understand it as they still continue to take pictures even without good source of light. In this article, we will help you understand and learn how to use natural light when taking pictures.

Summer is the only season where photographers get to enjoy natural light. For them it is a big deal to shoot in a sunny weather. The first thing that you should remember is to consider using natural light in pictorials to help you produce a better and even perfect image.  Like what we discussed earlier, it is better to shot pictures during sunny weather and enjoy the great scenery.

However, it is also best to check if the light from the sun is enough. Avoid shooting when there is too much light as it will have a great effect on your images. Instead, choose a place wherein there is a balance between light and dim.

Essentially, the sunlight or natural light in photography has a great impact on the product of your image. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can use post processing tools or software like Adobe Lightroom to help you modify images easily. The online market offers the best lightroom presets in 2015-2016.