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Comprehensive Review on Adobe Lightroom 6

Generally, photographers will clear all their scheduled appointments for these three reasons: New Camera Product announcements, Apple IOS and MAC news, Immediate client meetings and Adobe system product launch. So just recently, photographers weren’t able to perform their duty since Adobe announced their latest Lightroom version called Adobe Lightroom 6 and CC. This version is considered to be more efficient, faster and reliable than the previous versions.

LR6Adobe Lightroom 6 has finally covered a support for GPU setup like graphic and video cards, to provide faster speed performance within the environment of Lightroom. Although there are still minor issues to fix on, but nevertheless, Adobe will continue to improve Lightroom to make their subscribers and customers happy.

Adobe decided to make a move and release a new version since Lightroom 5 was starting to deteriorate in terms of speed and performance. In fact, some loyal subscribers were starting to switch editing software as they were not happy with Lightroom 5 anymore. But adobe makes sure that this latest version of Lightroom will certainly not be a burden to its users, instead, it will make their life easier and hassle free.  A lot of editing tools were upgraded and more lightroom 5 presets was enhanced.

This new speedy photo editing tool has helped a lot of subscribers finish their editing tasks on time. Moreover, photographers prefer subscribing to Adobe’s creative cloud system since they want to get a free updated version when Lightroom 7 will be out in the market. Just when they thought that Lightroom 5 is about to go down, Adobe surprised them with an improved, well-managed interface and exciting additional features. Adobe is indeed a company that is full of surprises.

Overall, Lightroom 6 and CC are just one of the many versions we will look up to. The company will continue to make more wonderful versions to make your editing workload easy and stress free.


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